Mt. St Benedict is a monastery nestled on the southern face of the Northern Range of Trinidad. At the end of the road leading to the monastery, the trail for the Mt. Tabor Loop begins as a small track next to a cell tower site. From there, it is a straightforward journey to the ridge. As it is a loop, you can start at the other end which is located to the north-west of St. Benet’s Hall (which is also near the end of the road). However, I don’t recommend that you start at the latter point nor continue past the pine trees on the trail from the original trail head due to that section of the trail being overgrown. 

 To get to the trail head if you are driving, proceed along the Eastern Main Road between Tunapuna and St. Augustine and turn north onto St. John’s Road. There is a brown directional sign indicating the direction to Mt. St. Benedict but the more recognizable landmark is the Scotia Bank building at that junction. Heading west, you will pass the Tunapuna Police Station and Auzonville Mall while heading east, you will pass Lakshmi Girls Secondary School before that junction. Continue up St. John’s Road until you see the turnoff to Mt. St Bendict on the left as indicated by a street sign. Follow this road till the end passing the church and drug rehabilitation centre. Sometimes the road continuing to St. Benet’s Hall is chained off but it’s only a short walk from that point to the trail head. 

 If you’re traveling, you can get a taxi to the church at the corner of St. John’s Road and the Eastern Main Road. Don’t know how regular these nor if you can get one easily from the church down the mountain. However, there is a shuttle to the church which should be willing to accommodate hikers.