Getting To: Mt Tabor Loop 

This is a drive through of the directions found here and I’ll explain what goes on in the video.

Firstly, the driver is approaching from the east on the Eastern Main Road and before he turns right (north) onto St. John’s Road, you can briefly see the Scotiabank branch on his right. He then proceeds along St. John’s Road until he reaches a junction where there is a white cross and brown directional sign indicating Mt. St. Benedict (around 2:21) on the left. Taking this road, he continues past the entrance to the church and at around 4:50, he comes to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre. You can park your vehicle outside there because, as shown, the rest of the road is usually blocked. At 5:35, he looks towards the dilapidated and abandoned St. Benet’s Hall which has a paved area by the front staircase. The end of the trail is immediately to the rear of the paved area on the left side. Driving further along, the road becomes unpaved and ends around 6:25 in the vicinity of a telecommunications tower. The trail then starts at the end of the road. 

The remainder of the video shows him driving along the trail to the fire watchtower and the views from the top of it.