Tucker Valley is located in the Chaguaramas region and is a hub for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cycling and running. Also, at the northern end of the valley, at Macqueripe, you could do zip-lining or just enjoy the Caribbean Sea at Macqueripe Bay.

Another lovely attraction in Tucker Valley is the Bamboo Cathedral and there’s also a public golf course.

Getting to Tucker Valley is actually pretty simple if you have a car but if you’re using public transport, check out my post on Getting Around: Chaguaramas for more details. So, as you’re heading west after passing Port of Spain on Wrightson Road/Audrey Jeffers Highway, you’ll eventually merge onto the Western Main Road. Continue heading west until you pass the Boardwalk at William’s Bay on the left. After that, the road splits into a divided carriageway (keep left) and you’ll come upon a sign on the left stating “Zip Line & Canopy Tour” (refer to pic below). As mentioned, the zip-lining occurs in Tucker Valley, so prepare to turn right as the sign indicates at the next opportunity. 

As you come to a T-junction with a sign indicating the location of the CDA Police Headquarters on the centre island, turn right and then stop before you cross the east bound lane. The road that lies to the north is Tucker Valley Road and once on that road, there are generally signs indicating the various attractions in Tucker Valley.