Morne Bleu at 848 metres, (2781 feet) is the 5th highest summit in Trinidad and Tobago. Its name relates to the cold condition that surrounds the mountain, which sometimes appear misty blue. Its starting location is on top the hill by the Textel Station on the Arima, Blanchisseuse Road just after the 9½-mile post. The elevation at this point is 716m. To access the peak requires a walk along the range in an easterly direction. It shares the same east to west ridgeline as the tallest peak El Cerro Del Aripo divided by the La Laja to Brasso Seco passageway. The mountain can also be approached from the eastern direction via the La laja bypass however this route to the pinnacle is sometimes overgrown with shrubs. The estimated climb to the top will take 1 ½ – 2 hours or depending on one’s fitness. The distance along the slopes to the crest is 4km (2.5miles) of undulating terrain. The pathway at the start is broad and clear but eventually deteriorates as one goes deeper into the woodland. The intensity of the exploration increases, as one approaches the summit where the trek becomes steeper and more challenging.

The vegetation at this altitude is Lower Montane and Virgin Montane Forest and growing along the path are ferns, bromeliads, palms such as Anare Manac and Gri Gri. The trees along the track dominated by Bois Bande with its reddish-brown bark and Yellow Manague with its silt roots and yellow sap. The high altitude, moist conditions of up to 500 cm of rain/annum and cold temperatures caused the tree trunks to be laden with moss. Distinctly between the branches isolated views of urban structures from Brasso Seco Village.

Morne Bleu