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November 2015


I wish this was my backyard


Should be heading to Avocat Waterfall this weekend!

Hiking to Avocat Falls – CEST LA VIBE

Did this road trip last weekend and it was lovely. Driving along the coconut tree lined Manzanilla-Mayaro Road is definitely one of the best touring experiences in Trinidad.  

Touring Trinidad: the East Coast

The seascape known as Saut D’eau is a secluded beach on the North Coast situated beneath the hills of Paramin. Sometimes referred to as Saint Cion Bay, where on the beach there is a statue of the patron saint. The land now deserted once contained a fishing dockyard, a wooden shelter and cocoa estate. A picturesque landscape positioned opposite to the bay is Saut D’eau Island, a small uninhabited sanctuary where to visit requires a permit from the Forestry Department. The name Saut D’eau is a French word that means “water jump” and cascading from the hills there is a lovely waterfall which jumps straight into the sea.

The expedition to Saut D’eau, through the garden fresh village of Paramin can be a pleasurable and memorable experience. The walk is a test of one’s fitness and although challenging the spectacular sceneries makes it enjoyable. The journey begins at the Morne Coco Road Gas Station, and along the way there is always something of interest to catch one’s attention. To the east fantastic views of Moka Golf Course, North Coast Road, Paragrant and Maraval Valley and to the west splendid views of Saut D’eau Island, Cameron and Petit Valley. The source of the Diego Martin and Blue Basin River comes from Paramin in a place referred to as Mia. A noticeable attribute is the richness of the hills, with lush green vegetable gardens of chive, pimento, thyme, pepper, tomato and cabbage. Visitors are amazed by the crops cultivated on the steep slopes and how difficult this must be. The cool mountain breeze at an altitude of 550 metres (1,800 feet) feels healthy and invigorating.

Paraminians are descendants of French and Spanish Heritage. One can still hear patois frequently spoken among the elders. The streets along the route all have French-Creole names La Finette Road, Bella Montage Road, Lale Road, Beau Pres Road and Morne Espoire Barre Bette Rouge. Roman Catholic is the main religion, and a place of interest is the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe Bien Vini where on Carnival Sunday, there is a traditional patois mass. Paramin has the reputation for making the country’s best seasoning and during Christmas Season the culture of the community comes alive with the Parang Festivals. Outsiders making the pilgrimage greeted with friendliness, an inviting smile and a pleasant bonjour.

The trek through the village to the top at Barre La Vigie Road meaning the lookout point or the crow’s nest” takes under two hours and continues down to the bay for another hour. The beach sandy with small pebbles is inviting to swim, and a hidden gem is to explore the watercourse of the little stream where there are several waterfalls worth discovering. In the minds of everyone, there is the anticipation of the steep return climb yet Saut D’eau produces a thrill unmatched by any other.

On Sat 28th Nov’15 Fitness Walkers trek to Saut D’eau Beach and waterfalls

Assembly: 6.00am at the Morne Coco Road Gas Station

Note: Trek starts 6.45am

Rating: 6 strenuous

Average hiking time one way: 2 ½ – 3 hours or depending on one’s fitness.

Saut D’eau Bay & Falls

For those interested in birdwatching, with prime attention to hummingbirds, Yerette is one of the top spots in Trinidad for this activity. Check out their Facebook page for contact details and photos of the experience.

I haven’t been here yet but it is definitely on my to do list! From all the reviews of this place (check the link or search the Yerette tag), it seems amazing. 

Yerette – Home of the Hummingbird

Charlotteville by Video Aerial & Ground Solutions

Getting To/On the Trail: Capriata Trail

This video shows how to get to the start of the Capriata Trail and what the initial portion of the trail looks like. The driver is heading north on Saddle Road from Santa Cruz and at around 14:10, he should take the side road on the right around the bend to get to Capriata Trace. That side road is La Pastora Road and is easily identifiable as the Santa Cruz fire station is at that corner. However, he misses the turn off and has to turn around which then shows us how to proceed if you’re coming from Maraval. 

This trail begins at the end of Capriata Trace and comes out on Carrisal Road which is a side street off the North Coast Road (that intersection is at this point). From there, it’s about 2km to Maracas Bay.

I don’t suggest trying this hike without a hiking group as the trail is not maintained and gets very bushy (as shown). This makes it very difficult to move forward and even much harder to stay on the trail. When I did this hike with Island Hikers a while ago, we combined this route with the La Sagesse Trail to get back to Santa Cruz. That was a great trip!

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