La Laja is a former agricultural settlement in the Heights of Guanapo (located in this region). There are still a couple farms and houses in this area but it is mostly deserted now. Even though it’s located in the Guanapo Valley, it is accessed via the La Laja South Road which is off the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road (the intersection is at this point).  The road is generally dilapidated but it is still traversable by a good working car. However, try not to turn off onto the La La Branch Trace (at this point) unless you have an excellent 4X4 vehicle. 

Hikes that originate in La Laja are La Laja Branch TraceLa Laja – Paria Trail
Guanapo GorgesLa Laja WaterfallSombasson WaterfallMorne Bleu, and El Cerro del Aripo. As there aren’t much vehicles here, mountain biking could also be done. The La-Laja Branch Trace could take you to the Heights of Guanapo Road while the La-Laja Paria Trail crosses the ridge to Brasso Seco. 

As you would expect, there isn’t any public transport to La Laja so you would most likely have to drive your own vehicle. To get to La Laja, proceed north along the Arima-Blanchissuese Road from the Eastern Main Road. Continue past the community of Verdant Vale (also know as Temple Village) and Scott’s Quarry on the left. After that quarry, you will go around two hairpin bends (U-bends) and then you will eventually come upon La Laja South Trace (on the right) as shown below. 


Surprisingly, a street sign was recently erected (shown below) so that should make recognizing the the turnoff a lot simpler than before.