Caribbean Islands: Tobago. 11-2012

Tobago (part of
Trinidad and Tobago state) was my last Caribbean island on this trip and from
there I later on went to Venezuela.
I flew via Trinidad, it was just a 30 minute flight from Grenada, but to
me it seemed that I have gone real far. Trinidad
and Tobago is a crazy mix of India
and Africa, with Venezuela
being the closest mainland country.

Most of the beaches
on Tobago have honey coloured sand, there some picturesque bays like Pirate’s
Bay in Charlottesville.
You can see white sand on the tiny atolls in Buccoo Reef. It’s possible to get
there by hiring a boat, but avoid organized tours. Also I do not recommend anyone
to stay in Fish Tobago Hostel (especially solo traveling girls, they would feel
uncomfortable there).

Tobago cuisine is
mostly a mix of Indian and Caribbean recipes.
I am not a fan of curry, but after a month of over fried chicken on other
islands, I was pretty happy to try the traditional dish of Tobago
– curried crab. Although it was pretty messy to eat, as they bring it whole,
without any tools to open it, it was still tasty. 

Caribbean trip came
to an end, and future posts will be about Venezuela!