A scenic destination to enjoy a river lime, which includes fun and adventure, is at Three Pools in Blanchisseuse. The Pools located in the Marianne River on the eastern end of the village. The twenty minutes walk to get there starts from the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge, and there is the option to do a longer circuit hike and come down the river. The trail placed alongside the River Bank leads upstream to the ponds. Noticeably along the route, and unattended are breadfruit, mossy cacao and citrus trees showing evidence that the place was once an estate. After 15 minutes, the pathway leads to a shallow area across the river on the other side of the bank.
The River has always been significant to the people of Blanchisseuse, which in French means “Ladies River”. Another recreational spot situated further upstream is the Avocat Falls, which flows from a tributary into the main channel. The source originates from the watersheds of Brasso Seco, Morne La Croix, and Avocat and it flows in a northern direction parallel to the Arima Blanchisseuse Road.
The river plunges from a broad plateau over a steep escarpment to create three consecutive basins. There is a natural slide that acts as a passageway between the first and second pools. Swimmers can test their skills by trying to swim against the current, and it is a thrill to climb the rocks and jump twenty feet into the water. Non-swimmers have the option to bath in the shallow and safer areas of the first pool.

Three Pools