I recently posted an article about a hike to Tumbasson Waterfall that led to the death of two young hikers and a response to the tragedy by someone who calls for the regulation of hiking groups

I remember when that tragedy happened over 7 years ago as I had recently begun hiking. My parents used to remind me of that incident as a warning to always be cautious when hiking along rivers. As a rule, i don’t hike along rivers or to waterfalls when it’s rainy or when there’ve been storms recently. However, there have been a couple instances when it started raining heavily when I’m on the hike already and I’ve had to curtail the expedition. I’ve had one close call when heading back from Turure Falls, I fell when crossing the river. The water was less than knee height but as I later found out, it only takes six inches of moving water to make you fall. Luckily, a friend was there to brace me so that ended safely.

Back to the articles, I posted those for two reasons:

  1. To remind everyone that safety should be your top priority when doing outdoor activities. Rivers and seas are not to be taken for granted. Every year a number of people die while swimming, not usually at hiking destinations, but in close proximity to popular water spots in Trinidad and Tobago. Know your limits and follow these guidelines please.
  2. The response to the tragedy raised some very good points but after so many years, I don’t think any has been considered. Hopefully one day, these suggestions are taken seriously by the relevant authorities.

I’ll post some articles later on general safety rules on hiking later. However, if you have any questions or concerns about safety while hiking, I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my abilities.