This route is pretty simple as there is only one major junction on the trail and it’s mostly clear. The most difficult aspect of this hike is the return journey from the bay as it’s completely uphill. However, it’s relatively short so it’ll be over quickly. Before you actually start hiking check out this post – Getting To: Paragrant Bay to find the right route. Also, take a look at the Mapped Route to see the profile and if you have GPS, you can download the coordinates. 

So when you’re finally ready to hike, be prepared to pass through a bit of tall grass for the first couple minutes of the journey. However, the trail clears out as you descend into a more undisturbed, forested area. I beleive the upper portion was cleared for agricultural purposes a while ago and then abandoned which has resulted in grass overgrowing that part of the trail. Also, for the first section of the trail, you will follow a dry gully (unless it’s raining) on the left and there’s bit of a steep drop on the right. As such, it’s a bit narrow so be careful as you make your way through the grass. 

After that initial section, it should be easy going on a well defined trail. As you get nearer to the shore, you will eventually reach a T-junction (pictured below). Take the right leg to get to Paragrant Bay.

I’m not sure exactly where the left route takes you and I don’t think it’s wise to explore there for safety reasons. 

If you would like, you can walk up the road that begins on the eastern end of the bay to make the hike into a circuit. It’ll probably be about twice as long but if you have the time, and don’t mind the walk, it’ll probably be great.