Trinidad- Part 1

This winter break I went to Trinidad to enjoy beautiful 90 degree weather and relax. My boyfriend chose this country because 1 month ago I had knee surgery, he thought if he chose a boring old island I wouldn’t find anything too grueling or adventurous to do. He was so wrong. After doing my research I found an amazing set of guided hikes. The company we used is Nature Trekking which is owned by Emile Serrette. Emile was the key to our learning the culture of Trinidad. He catered every hike and tour to our taste and helped us get an understanding of the Trinidadian culture. 

The first hike I scheduled with Emile was the Paria Bay/Waterfall hike. This hike is not for the faint of heart. It was a 11 mile/6 hours round trip hike in the deep jungle with a few stop offs at a few beaches. The hike started in the small town of Blanchisseuse on a small graveled path. The gravelled path slowly turned into a small dirt and mud path into the rain forest. On the hike down we took a SUPER muddy path onto turtle rock. This is a a turtle shaped rock that juts out into the ocean and a stopping point for a snack. We took in the amazing views of the secluded rugged coastline with the churning and violent Caribbean Ocean. One of the reasons why the beaches here are so secluded is because the only way to get there is by boat or by hike. In the winter months the ocean is extremely dangerous and very few boats take their chances. This characteristic has also helped preserve the beaches and nature in the area. Eventually we entered Paria Bay and were greeted by a few Rastafarian locals who live in tiny huts along the beach. The beach was covered in empty leatherback turtle eggs from earlier this summer. The turtles come every summer to lay their eggs on beaches in Trinidad, Paria Bay being one of them. We enjoyed a slow walk along the beach and relaxed by dipping my our feet into the cold ocean. A 15 minute hike away was Paria Waterfall. The roar from the waterfall could be heard all the way from the beach. We were lucky enough to sit at the base of the fall and eat lunch. This place looked like a picture out of Tarzan. Vines and giant treetops surrounded us. After playing around in the water and cleaning off our muddy shoes we started our hike back to Blanchisseuse. I was so exhausted at this point, the only reason I kept going was the idea of getting in a warm shower. Luckily Emile is a great cheerleader and encouraged me all the way back to our car. 

In the end I was super proud of myself for finishing that hike and got to enjoy some beautiful views that most people don’t get to see. We were happy to get back to our hotel (the Hyatt) take a warm shower to get all the mud off of us.