Trail Pace Journal – Friday 18th December, 2015

After leaving Argyle Falls, Nick, Rose and I continued our
journey northward along the Windward Road to Charlotteville. Before reaching
the village we decided to stop off at Flagstaff Hill for lunch. Along the side road up to the former military base, there were views of both the west and east coast which were
magnificent though quite brief. When we reached the top, we were taken aback by
the brilliant views of Charlotteville and St. Giles Island. The manicured
lawn with a few benches overlooking Man O’ War Bay was a sight to behold. We
made our way to the furthest bench at the lookout and had lunch there. After eating, we made
our way down to Charlotteville.

We turned into the village and headed to Pirate’s Bay which was adjacent
to Charlotteville Bay to the north. I asked someone liming by the fishing pier for exact directions and he gladly told me how to get there and where to park. As Nick drove a 4×4 pickup, he
told us we could drive along the trail and park at a lookout point not
far from the beach. We continued driving on the coastal road and eventually came to “Pirate’s Bay Road". That road was very narrow and turned
into a dirt track a little way up. We reached the lookout and we took in the fantastic view of both Pirate’s Bay and Charlotteville Bay before setting off.

The walk to the bay only took about 10 minutes from that
point and the only tricky part was going down the flight of
stairs which were slippery. On the hike, we saw another blue crowned motmot
which looked glorious. When we reached the beach, it was a bit overcast which made
the waters look dark green and blue. There was also a shack on the beach with a
couple people by it. We headed on the northern end of the beach and relaxed for
a while before we got out our
snorkeling gear and dove into the sea. The waters were cool and tranquil and
visibility was excellent. We saw lots of fishes and some live coral which were
amazing. Can’t name all the fishes we saw but there hundreds of them in all
shapes, sizes and colours. We swam around for about an hour before we came out.
As we swam back to shore I saw a large, silvery fish about 3 feet long looking
straight at me. I moved out of the way quickly and luckily that was the end of
that encounter. Back on the beach, we noticed other people snorkeling on the
southern end. The man from the shack came up to us and advised us that there
was good snorkeling there too and that he was selling BBQ and drinks.  We didn’t stay any longer though and made our way back to the vehicle. 

We drove past the village centre and turned onto the
Northside Road. Our next stop was to Fort Cambelton, a former small battery
overlooking the entire of Man O’ War Bay. We saw a sign indicating the turn off
to the feature and parked at the side of the Northside Road and walked. The battery now just
comprises of a small gazebo and two cannons. However, the view of the bay was
breathtaking. The sun was shining brightly now and the waters looked ever more radiant. We only stayed a short while to take some pictures and
relax before heading off.