On the North Coast Road between Maracas Bay and Las Cuevas, a place worth exploring is Zorro Trace. Undisclosed along the river path there are several impressive waterfalls, the most popular been Angel Falls. It’s name given because of its celestial appearance and exquisite gracefulness. The falls vertically drops from a height of 30 feet over a steep escarpment and then cascades the rocks into a cozy basin. A visit to this natural wonder invokes a feeling of mystery and adventure. There is the option to sit under the water-drop for an invigorating massage or slip into the pool for an energizing refresher. In full view, majestically overlooking the magnificent landscape are the twin peaks of El Tucuche (936 metres) where the river source originates. The river continues downstream over a steep precipice where in the valley are other waterfalls to discover. The terrain concealed by craggy ridges and rolling valleys naturally designed as an explorer’s delight with breath-taking gorges and pools.

There are two directions to access Angel Falls the first and the longest route is from the south over the mountains at Loango Village in the Maracas St. Joseph Valley. The second and easiest way is at Zorro Trace on the Maracas North Coast Road.

The expedition from Zorro will take an hour and starts with a short walk alongside the riverbed. The trail elevates with a steep ascent and diverts from the main ridge into a secluded valley. There is the option to do the trip as a circuit -hike whereby one ascends on the left side of the valley and returns via another route that descends on the right. At the base of the falls, the river flows over a steep precipice into a secluded canyon. For the adventurous exploring the river downstream and climbing the mysterious Cascades, there are several fascinating waterfalls worth discovering however the terrain is rugged. During the month of January the bright orange immortelle (Erythrina poeppigiana) blossom which signifies the start of the dry season. Other noticeable flowers are the Mountain Rose {Brownea Coccinea} and wild coffee {Psychotria Punctata}. The river is important to the residents at Zorro Trace to supply drinking water and for their crops tomatoes, pumpkin, green peppers, etc.

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Angel Falls….Sun 24th January ‘2016