Trail Pace Journal – Friday 18th December, 2015

Nick, Rose and I arrived in Castara around 4
o’clock in the afternoon. We had just visited Englishman’s Bay and had made
previous stops to Parlatuvier Bay, Bloody Bay, Charlotteville, Flagstaff Hill
and Argyle Falls. It was a pretty long day thus far and everyone was a bit
tired. However, after spending a couple minutes on the beach to take in its warm
afternoon glow, we decided to do the hike to Castara Waterfall. We had first
heard of this waterfall from a couple foreigners we met on hike a while ago.
From then, I saw a couple articles featuring it and gathered that it was just a 15 minute hike along the river.

We parked at the start of River Road next to the
recreation ground opposite the Castara Government Primary School. From there
we headed across the field to the river and saw a trail along the river bank.
We headed up this well beaten track and eventually came to a ford. We hopped on
some rocks in the stream to get across and continued on our journey. The
Castara River at that point could have actually been crossed by a large leap as
it was actually quite small.

We continued our journey and after crossing the stream a
couple more times we came to the waterfall. I had tracked the hike on my hiking
app and realized we only took 7 minutes to reach the waterfall. I love taking
long hikes but a seven minute hike to a gorgeous waterfall was fantastic.
Sometimes, a short trek in nature to a lovely destination is all you need to
reset yourself and this seemed like the perfect hike for doing that. Of course,
I’d been outdoors all day so to me it was just a great way to end the day.

The waterfall was roughly about 20 feet high and
cascaded down a sloping rock face. There was a large pool at the base of the
falls which was quite deep as well.

The water was deep green with a slight tinge of brown due to the rain earlier but looked inviting and refreshing.

The falls, pool and surrounding majestic trees all made for a perfect tropical forest scene.

jumped in and the cool water washed away any feeling of tiredness. Nick and I swam to the
waterfall and climbed easily up on the rocks to get higher up the falls. I got
about half way up before realizing any further I got up may lead me to jumping
off which I didn’t fancy doing at that time. Headed back down and sat at the
edge of the cascade and laid back and allowed to water to run over me. It was
so peaceful and rejuvenating. After a while, I went back into the pool and just
swam around.

When I got out, we limed at the edge of the pool before deciding to head back. The stroll to the vehicle took even less time. As we pulled off, with the beach and waterfall on either side of us, I thought that the people of Castara were really
living in paradise.