At the tip of the Dragon’s Mouth, a cozy little beach worthy of a visit is Anse Paoua Bay. Situated just around the coast from Scotland Bay, the calm sheltered waters make it a favorite destination for a beach lime and an ideal place for anchored yachts. Beaches on Trinidad’s North Western Peninsula are sometimes referred to as “Down D Islands” since they are only accessible by boat. The area managed by the Chaguaramas Development Authority and together with groups organise regular beach cleanups however uncaring visitors continue to litter the surroundings.

The Scotland Bay Region is full of history and up until 1941 the area housed residents. Its strategic location caused the British Government to lease the land to the United States Government for 99 years. During World War11 {1939-1945} a Naval Base constructed and stationed there were as many as 30,000 troops. Built by the Americans a recreational center, which consisted of a hall, tennis and basketball court, a football field and a zoo. Today all that remains are some dilapidated concrete structures, and there is little evidence of an Army Base. However, still preserved are its natural beauty, the relaxing seaside ambience and magnificent coastal scenery.

The journey around the coast from Scotland Bay to Anse Paoua Bay is an easy thirty minutes coastal walk. The expedition is one-way, and one can spend the day relaxing at the beach. On the return journey to the mainland, the boats will pick up from the final destination at Anse Paoua Bay. Noticeable along the way, campers and sea-bathers occupy the small inlets cooking food, etc. Growing along some parts of the shoreline are the Manchineel Trees, which contain poisonous milky latex. When passing close to these tree caution required since the water droplets cause distress to the skin and eyes.

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Scotland Bay to Anse Paoua Bay