The village of Brasso Seco Paria situated sixteen miles northeast of Arima is a place to discover. This pristine landscape, nested within the remote valleys of the Northern Range and walled by towering mountains is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Surrounded by some of the highest mountain peaks El Cerro Del Aripo (3085 feet) and Mt Bleu (1779 feet) and placed within its boundaries there are eleven waterfalls. The lush, verdant forest provides a sanctuary for a variety of hummingbirds, honeycreepers, tanagers, toucans, bellbirds, trogons and manikins.

The name “Brasso Seco” comes from Spanish dialect and when translated means “Dry-Branch”. Today just like in the early 1900’s, still cultivated on the land are cocoa, coffee, and citrus. The village population is about 350 persons, and there is an RC Church, a school, a Health Centre and a Visitor’s Information Centre. Brasso Seco was virtually unknown to most people in Trinidad until the 3rd June 1934 fatal plane crash of sports champion and war hero “Marvelous Mikey” Cipriani. His body later recovered on the backwoods of the village in a remote area called El Chiquero.

A fascinating waterfall located four miles east from the Village Center is Double River Falls. The 40 minutes walk to get there is an easy trek along the dirt Madamas Road. The footpath is flat with some gentle inclines. Along the way, abundant christophine plantations decorated the landscape. At the gateway to the falls, there is a little confluence of two tributaries where the “Double River Falls” and “Sobo Falls” rivers merge. The falls located off the main path cascades 50 feet into a shallow pool. At its base, the broad and spacious scenery surrounded with evergreen vegetation. Close to a fifteen-minute walk up the mountain will lead to a shower-like cascade called Sobo.

The warm and friendly villagers welcome visitors to come and experience their spectacular countryside, enjoy the peaceful ambiance, and picturesque waterfalls. Available at the Visitors Centre, fresh juices, delicious pastels, homemade cakes, sweets and ice cream. On Sunday 14th February’2016 Island Hikers visit Brasso Seco Paria Village and Double River Falls, to discover it’s natural wonders.

Double River Waterfall