Turure Falls is a series of limestone waterfalls along the Turure River located in the Cumaca valley, in eastern Trinidad. It is one of the hiking gems in Trinidad but is best visited in the rainy season as during the dry season (generally January to May), there isn’t much water flowing in the river. I’ve been to it twice when rain recently fell and it has been absolutely spectacular (check the Turure Falls tag to see some of my pics). Of course, one should always be cautious of doing river hikes when it is raining. 

To get to Cumaca, proceed east along the Eastern Main Road until you reach Valencia Junction. From there, bear left onto Valencia Road. After a short drive, you will come upon Cumaca Road on your left. There are several signs which indicate this turn off as shown in the picture below. (the most prominent signs are the WASA’s “Cumaca Rural Intake”, St. Alban’s Limisetone Quarry and “Save the Pawi”).


Drive along Cumaca Road until you reach the bridge as shown in the picture below (this point on Google Maps). The road is generally in a bad condition due to the trucks going to and from the quarry higher up so be careful when driving. 

This bridge is the Turure River bridge and the trail to the falls starts before it on the left (refer to picture of trailhead below).


From there it is a simple hike with the trail crossing the river several times until you have to hike through the waters to reach the falls. The river is generally not deep so it’s good fun along the way. Check out the Trail Map for details of the route.