In the heart of the Northern Range is the Village of Brasso Seco and area surrounded by some of the highest mountains El Cerro Del Aripo (940m) and Mt Bleu (716m). Numerous tributaries flow from the watershed of these mountains creating spectacular waterfalls. On the eastern outskirts of the village, streams flow from various directions to form the Madamas River. Along its path, popular bathing spots are Double River Falls and Macajuel Pond. Further upstream, located (11.26km) 7 miles east of the village is the Madamas Waterfall, its source comes from an area in the forest known as El Chiquero. This landscape is within the vicinity of the Plane Crash Site of sports hero Mikey Cipriani that occurred on the 3rd June 1934.

The expedition to the fall’s starts at Pole #90 on the Madamas Road and the estimated time to get there will take 2 ½ hours. The first path of the journey is a flat walk along the Madamas Road to the river. The trail narrows and continues through the forest over a ridge that descends higher upstream. The river at this point is shallow and easy to walk. The Falls positioned in an open area higher up the river. Alongside the bank, prominent flowers are the Maraval Liles (Spathiphyllum Cannifolium), Mountain Roses (Brownea Coccinea) and the Hot Lips (Psychotria Poeppigana).

The Madamas waterfall 30-foot high has a single drop and at its base, there is a shallow pool to refresh oneself. At the top the falls the river divided into two tributaries and placed on each course, there are small waterfalls to discover.

On Saturday 2nd July 2016 Fitness Walkers explore the Madamas Waterfall. For more information about the hike, please contact Mario 749-2956 or www.

Madamas Waterfall