There are two routes to get to Morne Bleu, the fifth highest peak in Trinidad. The easiest is from the western route that begins at the telecommunications station (located at this point) off the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road and will be described in this post. The easterly route is a side trail off the Paria-Morne Bleu Trail that connects La Laja with Brasso Seco. The easterly route is generally overgrown which makes hiking very difficult but the westerly approach is well used with trail cameras (for wildlife) along the route. 

Drive in a northerly direction along the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road and pass the major quarry (Scott’s Quarry) and then much further on, Asa Wright Nature Centre. After the nature centre, look out for a road on the right as shown in the picture below. 


There shouldn’t be any other major turn offs on the right after La Laja Road but to ensure you’re on the correct route , look out for the TSTT sign on the right hand side a short distance up the side road. 


Drive along this road and you’ll eventually come to the station. You can park your vehicle safely here as there is always a guard present at the station. From the entrance, walk around the fence to the eastern corner and you will be at the trailhead for the hike. There is an old brick structure near the trailhead as well. From there, it is a walk along the ridge to the summit.