Hi! I’m Keeshan and I’m a outdoor enthusiast living in Trinidad and Tobago. For those who don’t know about T&T, it’s a Caribbean island and from walking through the lush green forests, to exploring clear, refreshing rivers and waterfalls and spending nights on remote, picturesque beaches, there is everything to do in this small country!

This blog is dedicated to those who are interested in anything outdoorsy in Trinidad and Tobago. I really enjoy helping people experience T&T like I do and if I can assist or even inspire others to go explore, that would be personally amazing.

If you would like to find out any further details or advice on things to do in T&T, please feel free to Ask or send me an email at trailpace@outlook.com. I’d love to help!

For a bit more info on me, check out this interview  I did with Discover Trinidad and Tobago or just ask 🙂

Just to note, some of the tags in the post may direct you to my Trail Pace blog on tumblr as I use that as my main platform. Have to update those links soon!