Here’s some useful websites where you’ll find lots of info on Trinidad and Tobago:

Discover Trinidad and Tobago

This is the premier resource for attractions and activities in T&T. I highly recommend that you go through this website to get an idea of what the country is all about and what you could do if you decide to visit. I also did an interview on hiking with Discover which can be found here.

Go Trinidad and Tobago

Good website with a lot of technical information. Definitely worth browsing through and the travel brochure is handy.


Anything and everything about Tobago could be found on this website. I highly recommend that you check it out if you’re visiting Tobago. 

Island Hikers

Island Hikers is the biggest hiking group in the country and my favourite. They have hikes every week but you can also organise personal tours with their hike leaders if you choose. Their hike descriptions are usually very informative and are worth a read before you do a hike.

Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists’ Club

For those who are really into the natural environment you should check out the TTFNC. They have lectures and monthly trips for their various flora, fauna and geology groups.

Trinidad and Tobago Incoming Tour Operators’ Association

This should be the primary organisation you should liaise with if you want to do properly planned and guided tours. They also host Experience T&T in which many tours are conveniently scheduled consecutively and during that event is probably one of the best times to visit if you want minimal effort in organising your trips.

I’ve interacted with Courtenay Rooks of Paria Springs Tours from their list of members and I can recommend his service.

Asa Wright Nature Centre

This place is probably the most well known eco-adventure centre in Trinidad especially for bid watchers. Good place to check out if you’re into the naturalist stuff.

And here’s some link to books that’ll give you more details about each of the respective sub-headings (sorry, no free e-books)

  • Hiking:

Trail Guide

I have this book and it has been useful especially as it gives waypoints and describes the fauna and flora on the trails.

  • Birdwatching:

Birds of Trinidad and Tobago

I’m not that interested in birdwatching but I found this book quite delightful. It’s pretty basic so it’s good for a novice like me who simply just wants to identify birds when I happen to see them. If you’re a more serious birdwatcher, you may want to check out the book below.

A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Flora:

Native Trees of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Fauna:

Bats of Trinidad and Tobago

Just bought this book and only got to browse through it so far. Seems very descriptive and the reviews for it are great.

  • Dining:

Caribbean Street Food: Trinidad and Tobago

For local food, street vendors are usually the way to go. This book gives lots of useful information on our everyday, go-to meals