Hiking is my favourite outdoor activity and I try to do it it as much as possible. However, if I’m not going with a hiking group I have found it difficult to locate trails which I’ve never done before. Sometimes, I would just read a snippet of a description of a hike and proceed to do it. That has gotten me in difficult situations most of the times though. Therefore, what I’ll try to do in this blog is not only show you pictures of the hikes and destinations but try to give full descriptions of how to get to the trailheads and how to navigate the trails. So if you’re like me and constantly feel the need to go outdoors, it’ll be easy as possible!

If there’s any hike that you would like to do and I haven’t provided a Trail Description, Mapped Route,Getting To or On the Trail post, just let me know I’ll do it asap. Also, if you need any advice about anything hiking related, feel free to ask!

Before we get into the details of each hike, here’s just a few things you should take into consideration:

1. Hiking Guidelines and Safety:

Please refer to the following posts/links for more info:

2. Type (refers to destination):

  • Trail Walk/Peak
  • River/Lake
  • Beach
  • Waterfall

3. Degree of Difficulty (according to Island Hikers):

  1. Very easy – Simple walking (15 to 30 mins)
  2. Easy – Strolling with slight inclines on open trail (30 to 45 minis)
  3. Fair – Some uphill walking (45 mins to 1 hr)
  4. Moderate – Moderate hiking and some hill climbing (1 hr)
  5. Strenuous – Some steep hills or rugged terrain ( 1- 2 hrs)
  6. Challenging – Steep hill climbing (1.5 -2.5 hrs)
  7. Difficult – Long steep hill climbing in very rugged terrain (3 hrs)
  8. Very Difficult – Hiking over 5 hours on steep rugged terrain

4. Trail Useability:

  • Simple – Can do by first timers without a guide; direct route; trail maintained
  • Tricky – Recommended that you go with a guide or use GPS points; route has a couple junctions; trail may be overgrown a bit
  • Complex – Do not attempt without a guide; lots of junctions; trail not generally cleared.

5. Accessibility (to start of trail):

  • Straightforward – Easily accessed via public transport or a regular car.
  • Intricate – Public transport is somewhat difficult to obtain.
  • Demanding – Public transport is non-existent or requires a very good working vehicle or requires a boat

6. Safety (in terms of personnel and vehicles):

  • Safe – Can be done by a small group (or by yourself but that’s not generally recommended). Parked vehicle should be safe.
  • Vulnerable – Best to go with a large group with security for vehicles

Hikes in Trinidad (recommended hikes italicized):

North West:

Bande du Sud

Pt. Goudre Trail

Macqueripe Bay Trail

Edith Falls

Covigne River Gorge

Covigne River Trail

Mt Catherine Loop

Blue Basin Falls

Saut D’eau Bay

Paragrant Bay

Lady Chancellor Trail

Hololo Trail

Negmawah Bay

Peechon Cove

Cyril Bay

La Sagesse Trail

Capriata Trail

Maracas Waterfall

Morang Pools

El Tucuche

Angel Falls 

Loango Trail

Bancal Trail

Rincon Waterfall

Habio Waterfall

North Central:

Three Pools

Avocat Waterfall

PariaBay and Waterfall

North Coast Trail

Mt. Tabor Loop

Caura – Acono Trail

Lopinot – Caura Trail

Verdant Vale – Lopinot Trail

La Laja Branch Trace

La Laja – Paria Trail

Guanapo Gorges

La Laja Waterfall

Sombasson Waterfall

Morne Bleu

El Cerro del Aripo

Hollis Reservoir

Mt. Chaguaramal

Paria-Morne Bleu Trail

Double River Waterfall

Sobo Waterfall

Macaquel Pond

Madamas Waterfall

Madamas River Exploration

North East:

Turure Falls

Cumaca Cave

Manulot Falls

Mermaid Pools

Matura River Exploration

Rio Seco Waterfall

Rampanalgas Waterfall

Madamas Bay


Tamana Cave

Hikes in Tobago (all of these are recommended):

Castara Waterfall

Twin River Falls

Highland Waterfall

Argyle Falls

Gilpin Trail

Flagstaff Hill

Pirate’s Bay